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20 January
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An online journal. Another step in my search for answers in this crazy life.

Hey. I'm Anna. In this journal I really don't take any pains to try to hide who I am, because in my experience, if someone wants badly enough to find out who I am, they will. So here goes.

I'm 28, and a biomedical engineer. My husband, Chris, is a cartoonist/illustrator/animator, which makes him a really great contrast to me. I still don't know quite what I want to be when I grow up . . . maybe an engineer, maybe a rock star. Right now I'm doing this, which I think will be a lot of fun, and I'm enjoying the ride.

In September of 2008, I became a mommy. I had no idea how much I would enjoy motherhood, but I really love it more than I thought possible. It helps that my baby, Tucker, is the cutest and most awesome baby ever. I realize I might be biased, but seriously . . . he's the best.

I'm a Christian, and I make an effort to go to church every Sunday. My dad has a degree in ministry (though he decided not to become a minister), and my mom has a degree in Christian education, so they've always been excellent resources for me. I grew up in a church in a little town, and have tried to get involved with churches everywhere I've lived since then. I'm now a member of Overlake Christian Church, a post-modern church in Redmond, Washington which strives to go after Jesus in the most relevant way possible. (I love Overlake, and I would highly encourage any curious parties to check it out. This includes those who are not into the whole "church" thing. You might be surprised what you find here. It's important to us that the church be environmentally comfortable for everybody, including those who are only trying things out.) I've just recently moved to the Allentown, PA area and am looking for a new church. I haven't cast membership anywhere there yet, but have found a church I might want to become a member of. So that's where I am now. I welcome questions about it.

I don't update this every day, and frankly, lately I haven't even made an effort to update it regularly. But I do enjoy writing, and I do enjoy the feedback I get from readers. Sometimes it runs as a list of things I did, sometimes it's more introspective. The entries tend to reflect the state of my mind as I write. I have noticed that regardless of my intentions, if I write that I will write more on a subject later, I almost never do unless prompted. I usually just forget or wish to move on to something else.

You won't learn everything there is to know about me by reading this. But you will learn a lot if you pay attention. I don't mind people reading what I have to say if it interests them, and I encourage people to leave comments. It gives me some kind of idea of who is reading and why.

So look around. Get to know me. If it makes you comfortable, let me get to know you. Realize this is not everything, but it is something, and maybe what it is is enough. For now, anyway.

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